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Government shutdown

The two articles differ each other. The LA times article is a report on how both the republicans and democrats are not working together to re-open the government to start paying the workers. The is an opinion piece from left wing blogger blaming the republicans for the shut down saying that this shutdown that is not paying the veterans and government workers is all their fault.

The LA times article introduction begins to sum up why the government was leading up to the shut down. The tone of the blog is a non-bias and it brings detail why it is both party’s fault and not just pointing fingers blaming one party like the Maddowblog.

The Maddow Blog introduction begins blaming Rep. Mark Meadows talking about he created a letter endorsed by 80 House Republicans to begin the shut down. As the blog goes on, The tone tends to get more and more biased saying explaining how the republicans have no idea what to do in this shutdown and how they wont come to A CR. The attention to detail only picks and chooses about the Republicans flaws and how its their fault on why veterans, soldiers, and government workers.


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