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Gun Control Laws Wouldn’t Stop Senseless Shootings – They Would Cause More Option 1

The writer uses common sense when pointing out this point in the debate about gun control “The problem isn’t guns, it is people. There will always be evil people, and there will always be irresponsible people” This sentence from the article is a very valid point within the Gun Control debate. Blaming an inanimate object for a human beings decision is absurd. It is the deranged person that commits the crime and not the weapons. Why not ban cars for the deaths of drunk driving accidents for an example.

The writer does not bring facts into this argument which does not help bring up the case that violent television or video games are the cause(s) for shootings. “In the modern era, parents are permissively and lazily allowing their children to play unlimited violent video games and watch unlimited violent television” This point is not so convincing. Many people watch violent movies and others play violent video games yet they do not go on a killing spree. The creators would not want/cause people to do such a thing.

What many people would believe wont work with arming teachers actually helped in the Pearl High School shooting when the armed principal grabbed a colt .45 out of his truck to stop the shooter. ” the best way to reduce these tragic shootings is to arm teachers or ensure that an armed school resource officer is nearby” This view is one that has been brought up around numerous debates. I believe this should be enforced and have a trained teacher/ faculty member that is able to use a firearm.

Banning guns won’t stop violence” Another convincing point within the article. The writer gets on how bombs are illegal, yet terrorists ,such as the Tsarnaev brothers, still make them to create pain and chaos to others. Other weapons like knives are legal but a Houston student went around and stabbed 4 people, killing one.

Bringing up a study shows the facts that help prove the writers argument within the debate that guns do stop violence instead of just create it. “A recent Harvard study found that countries with higher gun ownership often had lower murder rates” This statistics will help the writer of the article get their point across while showing facts from a study.


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