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Tesla Article

The difference between the two articles from CNN and the Chicago Tribune is that the CNN article is an opinion piece while the Chicago tribune states facts and is a report. The article from CNN begins on how gave Tesla Model S a consumer report of 99/100. He begins to precede the argument how there are not many charging stations in the US. Within the middle of the article, he talks about the price of the average new combustible gas sedan was around $30,000 while the Tesla Model S was at a price of $89,000. The Chicago tribune article is a report on the Tesla fires that have been reported. The writer brings up how that there many fires mostly from combustion cars while only 4 have been reported from electric cars. Within this report, He talks about that every fire would originate from a collision within a month ago. The fires would start with high speeds on the highway, the car would alert the drivers that they should pull over due to a battery failure but the drivers would be to ignorant to do so. Tesla responded with the fires by recalling all the batteries that were known to catch on fire and gave every Tesla owner a free replacement. He goes on saying how the Tesla Model S is a great car and how he loved the response Tesla gave when they found out the fires that have started in their car.


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